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    Helena Hains

    First Year Teacher Coach

    Is This You?

    Are you a new elementary teacher struggling to find your classroom management groove? It's time to leave the chaos behind and step into a world of classroom bliss. Join our 3-day challenge, led by a seasoned Classroom Management expert, and discover the secrets to confidently running a smoothly operated classroom.

    Why You Should Join:

    • Access to expert knowledge from a teacher with years of experience.
    • Practical strategies you can implement immediately.
    • Start your journey to confident, stress-free teaching.

    What You'll Learn Over 3 Days:

    Day 1: Uncover Your Unique Classroom Management Style

    • Gain insight into your teaching style and how it impacts your classroom management approach.

    Day 2: Learn How to Get Students to Listen and Follow Directions

    • Discover the proven strategies to get your students to follow directions the first time.

    Day 3: Tame Talkative Classes with Ease

    • Learn how to navigate and engage even the most talkative of classes.